Seafarers Medical Services

Seafarers Medical Services Sri Lanka

In Ceymed we work towards offering to every mariner peace of mind either at sea or ashore when they may be sick or injured. Thanks to Ceyline Group, within Ceymed many of the staff members have experienced sea life in their past career. This helps us to understand the specifics and needs of the maritime community.

Medical Assistance for Crew on Shore

  • 24/7 access to Ceymed Medical Centre for seafarers and their family members
  • Medical Advice
  • Arrangement of Emergency Ambulance Service
  • Arrangement of Medical Out-patient Services (consultations, diagnostics, lab tests, dental, glasses and pharmaceuticals prescribed, etc.)
  • Medicine Dispatch
  • Arrangement of Health Rehabilitation Services
  • Arrangement of Second Opinion for Seafarer’s Medical Condition

Ceymed Maritime Medical Services Sri Lanka

Ceymed is focused on minimizing the medical costs for seafarers in Sri Lanka; and whenever medically possible, Ceymed make arrangements with Walk-in Clinics delivering urgent care to avoid highly-priced emergency rooms in hospitals. Ceymed provides the arrangements for the rehabilitation process for seafarers that is essential in their recovery and in their ability of returning to their job at the sea.

The well-being of the seafarer should be one of the first priorities of any shipping company. It is not only a matter of corporate responsibility, but it is also sound business practice. The seaman leads a very difficult and secluded life, that puts a hard strain on his mental and physical resources. Seafarer is away from his family and loved ones for extended periods of time. Seafarer experiences stress, imposed by ever rising demands of increased productivity and efficiency, ever more stringent regulation and ever more complicated technology, that he is required to master at an ever accelerated pace.

All this invariably results in a feeling of exclusion and frustration leading to mental and physical health problems. Consequently, the seafarer’s motivation, productivity and loyalty are driven exponentially down. In this effort to recruit and more importantly retain these seafarers, there is probably no better way than to make them feel appreciated and valuable by taking care of their health, all other parameters being equal.


  • Exercise due diligence on pre joining medical examinations according to ‘flag’, or company instructions.
  • Establishing re-employment prerequisites following serious illness
  • Alcoholism Detection by questionnaire
  • Alcoholism and general health evaluation by blood
  • Mental Health Evaluation by questionnaire
  • Medical e-file of seafarer
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